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Computer Science & Engineering

We believe that students should be empowered to discover the wonderful world of computer science and engineering. RHS offers computer science classes for students. For engineering, we offer several of the Project Lead the Way (PLTW) full-year courses including:

  • Introduction to Engineering (IED)
  • Principles of Engineering (POE)
  • Civil, Engineering & Architecture (CEA)
  • Aeronautical Engineering (AE)

These courses allow our students to discover interesting aspects of the many different areas of engineering. Students receive hands-on training as well as problem-solving techniques utilizing modern software and equipment. Everything from learning to sketch by hand to building hands-free robotic devices to building and flying rockets. Engineering is the place to be!

More information can be found on the Project Lead the Way website.


Contacts & Emails

MaryAnn Goldstein

Amy Leahy

Dr. Kaitlyn Sassone
Department Coordinator